Toddler Gift Ideas

by Andrea Cooley

toddler giftsThis year is Emerson's and Lydia's second Christmas but they will still be more interested in the bows and boxes than the gifts. Adam and I probably won't get Emerson much this year, but it's still fun to shop (and give grandparents and aunts and uncles ideas!)

1 // DwellStudio Woodland Puzzle
I'm a sucker for pretty much everything DwellStudio creates, so I was pretty excited when I saw they had kid's toys! Laura jokes that these are designed for parents, and I say there's nothing wrong with that! We spend just as much time picking up the pieces as the kids, right?

2 // The Jesus Storybook Bible *
Several of our friends have said this is their favorite kid's Bible. Emerson isn't good about sitting and listening to more than a few moments of a story, but hopefully his attention span will grow and we can start reading Bible stories with him.

3 // Wooden Magnetic Painter's Palette Letters *
If I'm in the kitchen, Emerson wants to be under my feet. I think he'd love playing with magnets on the fridge or the side of the stove. These are the prettiest ones I've found. (Are you seeing a theme here? I pick pretty things so I can enjoy them too!)

4 // Construction Vehicles
Boys love trucks! Mama loves the classic wooden design. It's a win-win!

5 // Farm Set
Some friends have this farm set from IKEA and we gave it to Emerson for his birthday. I love the soft animals and everything fits in the barn that folds up into a carrying case!

6 // Melissa & Doug Cutting Food *
Kids love playing with food and I love pretty much anything from Melissa & Doug.

When did you start getting your kids gifts for Christmas? Are we scrooges for holding off?

* Affiliate links. If you click and buy we will get a small percentage of the sale :)

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