Friday Top 5: the first 5 years

by Andrea Cooley

Tomorrow Adam and I celebrate our 6 year anniversary! We decided to give each other “traditional” anniversary gifts. Sometimes this makes the gift-giving easy, but this year, the theme is “iron” and I’m struggling a little! I’ll let you know what I find for him next week!

1st Year: Paper
Neither of us had passports, so we got passports. We don’t have a lot of stamps in them, but we got a few this summer with our trip to London and Italy!

2nd Year: Cotton
This was a tough one. I got Adam some nice cotton handkerchiefs that I’m pretty sure haven’t seen the light of day. Maybe one day he’ll put them to use…He tried really hard, and got me a nice dress, but it was wool instead of cotton. Oops! I think we returned it and I picked out something made out of cotton.

3rd Year: Leather
Another hard one. I got Adam a nice leather folio for work and a pair of leather golf shoes. He completely wowed me with a beautiful leather jewelry box!

4th Year: Fruit & Flowers
These gifts were pretty straight forward. Adam got me a beautiful bouquet and chocolates from our favorite chocolatier that were filled with fruit. I found some special bottles of wine, one from 2005 (the year we got married) and one with a risque name, that I’ve now forgotten! Obviously we drank them both and the bottles are long gone. Kind of wish I would have saved them…

5th Year: Wood
We had to get creative again this year. Adam got me two trellises for our garden that we have now planted rose bushes in front of. He knows how much I love flowers and wanted me to be able to enjoy some in our yard. I got him two things to hang on the wall, made out of reclaimed barn wood. They have some of our favorite sayings on them. “Kiss me” and “Always and Forever” Yes, we are both romantics at heart.

How do you celebrate your anniversary?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. A very happy 6 year anniversary to you both!

  2. I think I will give Tim a birth certificate for our one-year anniversary. :)

  3. You can’t go wrong getting the man an iron sword.

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