Treasured Jars

by laura.johnson

As Andrea and I embarked on this adventure many moons ago we were excited to share not only our stories of life after ‘tying the knot’ but also to share the stories of the women who have gone before us.  To share their collected wisdom and insight over many many years of marriage.  The first person to come to mind was my Aunt Jean. She’s not only my namesake (Laura Jean), but a woman I’ve watch nurture the men in her family to become men of God.  I couldn’t wait to ask her to share with us here on EverAfter  Blueprint.

In putting together this post for today I couldn’t help but think of the passages in the old and new testament portraying us as ‘treasured jars of clay’.  Through His cleansing and perfection we can be made whole.

Now enough from me, here is my Aunt Jean:

I’ve just got to say to Laura & Andrea…..THANKS for your creative, thoughtful & beautiful blog!!  As an only girl in a family of brothers and a mom to two fantastic boys, (well, actually MEN now)…your blog is a breath-of-fresh-air.

I’ve chosen to be a stay-@-home mom over the past 25+ years, with occasional part-time work.  Worth it…”toughest job I’ve ever loved”.  It has caused me to have an economical decorating budget.  So here’s one of my SIMPLE & CHEAP ideas that you can build over the years.

Who knew that digging up the sewer could bring about a creative decorating idea??

Many years ago, while dealing with a sewer-type problem, we found a “treasure” in the midst of digging up the back yard. An old antique bottle circa 1856. A HHH Horse Medicine…COOL!  A few months later I saw a decorating idea in a magazine that combined jars/bottles with candles and I took off with it.

Most of the jars/bottles have been free, the candle holders were some I had or picked up at garage sales or were shared with me by family and friends…each has it’s own story to tell.  The most recent additions, a few months ago , were the science lab beakers, that my kind husband, Arlen, rescued from a building set for demolition.  Here are a few photos to give you the idea.

Summer brings a great chance to add flowers to the buffet, and these blue jars adore our bathroom shelf. 




Thank you Aunt Jean for sharing, what a beautiful reminder of His grace and work in our lives.


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