Unintentional New Year’s Resolution

by laura.johnson

This is the sign that greeted us as Cody and I stood with our arms full of bags after we came back from the holiday. We looked at each other, sighed, and hit the stairs.

As I mentioned before, our building comes complete with the quirks that you’d expect from a 1929 building, one of those being a sometimes working elevator. It just so happens that some of those ‘less than working’ times have lasted for over 10 months. So for now we are huffing it up and down the 5 flights of stairs, which isn’t really all that bad until you remember that your coffee is still sitting on the counter, 3 flights up.

Maybe if I think of it as the familiar ‘take the stairs’ resolution it will seem even more indulgent when the old gal is up and running again!

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