Waiting for Spring

by Andrea Cooley

DSC_0580Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement yesterday about my decision to stay home with Emerson. They were like someone sending me flowers out of the blue and came on a day when I especially needed it! We've been struggling with naps for 3 weeks now and it wears a momma down! One of these days he'll go to sleep without a fight and I won't know what to do with myself. Until then, I'm learning to lower my expectations, of him and me! (probably something I've needed to do for a long time!)

I'll keep you updated on my adventures staying home, but today I'm dreaming of spring. I'm craving green grass, wearing shoes without socks (I tried this the other day and wouldn't recommend it), and sunny skies!

I get cabin fever every year at this time. I wish I would have stashed some bulbs in the refrigerator this fall like Laura so I could be enjoying blooms right about now. Maybe next year!

DSC_0603I do have fresh flowers in the house from my (former) boss–how great is she? I tell her I'm not coming back to work and she gives me flowers! I decided to take apart the bouquet to make smaller arrangements I could put around the house. Does anyone else do this? It makes a simple grocery store bouquet go a long way!

How are you coping with the last weeks of winter?

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Andrea Cooley

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