Waking up next to Batman

by laura.johnson

Every morning I wake up next to Batman, well at least a Batman alarm clock.  It was a thoughtful present to Cody from a student, so we kept it and have grown to love it.  After all it has all the features I typically look for in a good bed side clock; the gentle orange clock face vs chic yet painfully bright neon blue, numbers large enough I can read sans lenses, as a bonus it projects the time, and Bat symbol on the ceiling.  You know, for all of those times you need to call out to the Caped Crusader at 4:42 am.

But most of all it’s a way for me to embrace my husband’s style without cramping my own.  Because let’s face it, as a general rule alarm clocks are more about function than form.  Of course with any rule there are the exceptions, here are some of my favorite.

1. The little cubed wonder by Audiovox is simple, sleek, defiantly gets the job done.  For those of you who desire a bit more spunk there are several skins to choose from.

2. Well she can’t read your mind but it’s the next best thing!  The Moshi voice activated alarm clock, pretty much rocks my world with all of it’s unnecessary but oh so awesome features.  With a simple voice command you can set the time, alarm, activate sleep sounds or nightlight, and that it just the tip of the iceberg!  Not to mention, she’s kinda like the supermodel of alarm clocks; thin, stunning, and just bright enough.

3. The 1.5 R alarm clock by VersAudio is the perfect blend of new meets old.  Handcrafted bamboo encasement harks back to the good old days or radio, while the digital clock, and ipod base station, allow for the conveniences of the modern age.

4. Now you see it, now  you don’t.  While getting up in a timely manner is essential, it doesn’t need to steal the show.  A small projection alarm clock hides well behind a few well placed frames allowing you to see the time, hear the alarm, and be greeting by a much sweeter image as you bound out of bed. {frames from Pottery Barn}

Of course this last option is my favorite, I mean, it’s a close second to waking up beside Batman.

*lead image is a theatrical poster for Batman ’89

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