Washing and Hoping…

by laura.johnson

Oh how I love a good pun. Putting freshly washed dishes in this guy could even make doing dishes seem fun! However, I think this would greatly decrease my husband’s motivation to help with the washing, bummer. Humm, Maybe a dish rack made of steel or cast iron would be more up his alley.

The last few days, all things kitchen have been on my mind, mostly because I’m hoping to accomplish a little kitchen makeover this weekend. As in true ‘weekend warrior’ style my ideas are far ahead of my actions, and I’m sure I’m planning to accomplish 3 times what can actually happen in that allotted time, but none the less it will be an adventure. Never fear I promise to share the joys and struggles along the way.

What are your weekend warrior plans?

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  1. I am going to paint a bright blue framed mirror w/ hooks to hang keys on white. And then ask my husband for help to hang it up. I have another shelf thing w/ hooks to hang up in our bathroom too. There are also two pictures to hang up in the nursery. Putting holes in the wall scare me just a little bit.

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