Wedded Bliss: Dayna & Cole

by laura.johnson

The average couple spends anywhere between 15-18 months engaged, talk about some time to throw a proper party!  Yes there is the counseling, and preparing to embark on life ’till death do we part’, but when we honestly look at those months spent in wedding planning mode most our attention is spent on that big day.  However, our life together really begins after the wedding bells have sung and the guest have all gone home . We all know how tricky the transitions from wedding day to wedding bliss can be, so we thought we could help a few brides out. They have spent so much time and energy planning the perfect day why not show them how to carry those same style elements into their new life together.

Of course when I approached a photographer friend about the idea, she had the perfect couple in mind, Danya and Cole. Before we all get lost in the beauty of their big day here’s a little introduction from their friend and photographer Carrie Krupke;

Best Friend. That’s typically what people say to answer the question to whom they are married. For Cole & Dayna, they were good friends long before they even dated, long before Dayna had an inkling that Cole liked her more than just a “friend”. To everyone around them, through all their years at Drake in its music department together, it seemed so, painfully, obvious, except to her. The day that Cole approached her about becoming more than friends, Dayna was floored, shocked, without words.  However, she made up for the so-called lack of words as she answered Cole’s vows with her own last June.


 I must admit I spent hours pouring over the beautiful images from their wedding.  Such simple elegance with perfect amount of modern flare.  Knowing full well that most couples register for most of the kitchen, bedroom, and living room goods they need I thought we’d start with a room that usually falls low on the priority list even though it’s one of the most used rooms in the house; the office.

  1. Ellery chair, red maple ikat print by West Elm
  2. Martini side table, in silver by West Elm
  3. Barcelo area rug by Home Decorators Collection
  4. Sunburst wall clock white by Dwell
  5. Eilot table lamp by Home Decorators Collection
  6. Artifort Michigan Executive Chair by Geoffrey Harcourt found at All Modern
  7. Spotlight Ebony Desk by Crate & Barrel
  8. Traveler bookends – set of 2 airplane by Home Decorators Collection
  9. Cooper Small Vase by Crate & Barrel
  10. Anna Collection Bookcase with drawer by Linon Home Decor found at Sears


A big thank you to Carrie Krupke & Justin Salem Meyer for providing these beautiful photos to work from, and thank you to Cole and Dayna for letting us take part in your beautiful day, even if it was several months later.

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