Weekend with Family

by laura.johnson

As I mentioned last week, Art and Ginger have been in town the last few days. We’ve had a great time exploring some of Michigan’s finest. The picture above is of the gents examining one of the MANY oversized steam engines on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. If you are ever missing the old days of machinery and true grit, this is the place to be. Focused on the age of transportation, the museum features cars of all types, they have double engine steam locomtives and the first airplane to cross the north pole. (no need for spoiler alert, I forgot to take photos)

Always thinking of his wife, and mother, Cody did make sure we toured the furniture exhibit. Check out the chair he picked out…

I, of course, chose the modern equivalent:


We had meals with friends and toured a small Bavarian village nearby, but mostly we just tried to enjoy the wonderful time with each other. We are so fortunate to have parents are willing to drive the 10 long hours to come and take part in our lives.

So what did you do this weekend, attempt any large or small projects?

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  1. Women of Faith Conference here in DSM. Small project: planted delphiums in a small corner of the yard for improved fence viewing. :)

  2. I just want to sit in that chair and eat some red meat, perhaps while wearing something made of fur.

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