Weekend paint transformation

by Andrea Cooley

After agonizing over paint colors and painting swatches on the wall, we finally painted the living room and dining room. We did the living room on a rainy afternoon/evening and I did the dining room a few weeks later. We could have knocked both rooms out in one weekend, but it worked to split it up.

We opted to spend a little more and go with Benjamin Moore’s Natura line. It was definitely worth it! You literally could not smell it at all, and the coverage was great. We actually ended up with an extra gallon of paint and will probably end up using it in the hallway and our bathroom.

Adam and I were a great team. He took the roller and I went did the detail work around the windows, baseboards and trim. He didn’t know what he was getting into when we started. We were finishing up the first coat and feeling pretty good about how things were looking. I said, “It’s really going to look great with a second coat.” He paused, and said, “but we won’t do that today.” I told him, actually we would be doing a second coat that day. He was a good sport, but he didn’t mind that I painted the dining room myself a few weeks later.

We used FrogTape around the trim and would definitely recommend it. I don’t have much experience with other painter’s tapes, but this seemed to stick and hold and not bleed — all key factors when painting around woodwork!

Painting also gave me a new reason to love our wood floors. We put a tarp down while we painted, but when we did get a drip on the floor, it was easy to wipe away.

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Andrea Cooley

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