Weekend updates

by Andrea Cooley

Last weekend we headed to Lowe’s and got all kinds of fun things for around the house. I never went to the hardware store before I was married and definitely not as often as I do now that I own a house.

The first was a new shower head for our downstairs bathroom. It’s needed to be replaced since we moved in 11 months ago, but since the shower head in our bathroom upstairs is fine, it didn’t seem like a priority. I’m embarrassed that all of our guests over the last year had to use the old one. By the time we threw it in the trash I think something was growing on it…

I’ve had my eye on a jute rug for our kitchen/office for a long time. The tile for is nice and cool in the summer, but in the winter it’s freezing! This rug isn’t anything exciting, but it was 50% off and helps bridge the gap between the desk and the table. What do you think?

Next weekend, the goal is to replace the faucets in the master bathroom. These brass fixtures have made me cringe ever since we moved in.

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Andrea Cooley

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