Felt ball wreath

West Elm Felt Ball Wreath Knock-Off

by Andrea Cooley

felt ball wreath www.everafterblueprint.comI have had my eye on this felt ball wreath from West Elm for 2 years now. I love how simple it is with just a single color of felt balls. I love the red wreath for Christmas and the white wreath for all winter. What I don’t love is the price tag. The 18-inch wreath is $59 (it looks like it is on sale now for $35 but the red is sold out). I don’t even spend that much for a pair of jeans that I wear year round, so i definitely am not going to spend that much on a wreath that is out for a month or two.

My sister works at West Elm in Brooklyn and I asked her about the wreath. She immediately knew which one I was talking about, but she said in person it’s not as impressive as it looks online. She said it’s pretty flat. I was kind of disappointed when I heard this, but it made me even more certain that I could recreate the wreath.

I did some searching on etsy for red felt balls and discovered that they aren’t cheap. I ordered 100 felt balls, in 3 sizes, from TaDaaStudioFelt. I think they were around $38 with shipping. Once I bought the wreath form and ribbon, my total was around $45, so the wreath was still cheaper than the inspiration, but not as cheap as I hoped! The medium (2 cm) and large (3 cm) balls are poppy, and the smaller balls (1 cm) are in rust. wreath suppliesI used an 18-inch styrofoam wreath and wrapped it in red ribbon. Of course I ended up needing more than 1 roll of ribbon, so I had to make 2 trips to the fabric store. This was one of those projects that took way longer than it should have! Once I had all the supplies, I used my trusty glue gun to stick the balls to the wreath. I kind of wished I had ordered another 25 of the medium felt balls, because I barely had enough to go around the wreath.

felt ball wreath www.everafterblueprint.comI hung the wreath with a green ribbon inside a frame in our front entry. I love the pop of color it adds!

felt ball wreath www.everafterblueprint.comI’m really glad I ordered the 1 cm felt balls in a darker red. I think they add a nice dimension to the wreath.

felt ball wreath www.everafterblueprint.comThe wreath isn’t exactly like the one from West Elm, but that’s the point when you make something yourself, right? When I first finished it I wasn’t sure how much I liked it, but now that it’s been hanging there for a week, I really like it!

I thought about hanging the wreath on the back of the door, but Adam didn’t want to put a nail in it. I have the evergreen swag hanging on the front of the door for people to see when they come in, but we don’t ever get to enjoy it! Does anyone else want to hang wreaths on both sides of the door so you can have one on the inside?

easy embellished grapevine wreath www.everafterblueprint.comI did hang a wreath on the inside of the back door. It’s just a $4 grapevine wreath that I added some berries and gold acorns too. It’s nice to have a little bit of holiday decoration in the kitchen!

Have you tried to copy a store-bought wreath? Were you successful?

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