What a difference a hook can make

by Andrea Cooley

I bought this $6 Closetmaid hook at Target when we moved into our house more than 2 years ago. I knew i wanted to put it on our closet to coral my collection of scarves. But somehow it sat in a drawer while my scarves piled up on the floor.

Finally this weekend, I couldn't take the mess any longer. (Don't judge me for this photo! I hope I'm not the only one whose closet is a bit of a disaster…) Technically I think it's a little early in my pregnancy (I'm 18 weeks) to be "nesting", but I'm starting to feel the urge to organize!

A power drill, 2 minutes, and 2 screws later and the hook was hung. Then all I had to do was sort through my scarves (I got rid of a few), and realize that if I NEVER buy or receive another scarf for the rest of my life, I'll still probably have more than any one person EVER needs. I also decided I easily could have filled another hook, but this is definitely an improvement!

Look, you can even see the floor!


The closet wasn't the only thing that got refreshed this weekend. Adam redesigned the Projects page on the blog. Take a look! He worked his WordPress/html magic and organized all our projects into an easy to read layout. Being married to an IT man has its perks!

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Andrea Cooley

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