What’s on your refrigerator?

by Andrea Cooley

I like to display pictures and cards on my refrigerator, but half the time they are lopsided, or get bumped and fall off and the fridge looks like this:

The other day I was looking in a drawer for another project I was working on and found an old wire with clips to hang pictures from in (I’m pretty sure I got it for my dorm room) and thought it would be perfect to stick on the refrigerator. It had suction cups on the ends. Well, the suction cups weren’t sticking and I already had the hot glue gun heated up for something else I was working on (am I the only one who starts a project and immediately gets inspired to start 3 more?) so logically I thought it would make perfect sense to hot glue the suction cups to the refrigerator. Adam wasn’t home, so I had no one to consult with on this idea, though I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have thought it was such a good idea!

So I squeezed plenty of hot glue onto the suction cups and held them to the door. I waited a few minutes to let them cool off and then started hanging my pretty things. Right away, I knew this wasn’t going to work. The suction cups were sagging before I even finished. I snapped a few pictures, and went into the other room.

Adam of course came home minutes later and asked what was on the refrigerator. By then, one suction cup was completely off, leaving the wire and photos hanging precariously. I told him my great idea of using hot glue to attach the contraption to the refrigerator and he calmly said it didn’t look like it worked.

I put the wire over by his desk and he kindly removed the hot glue from the refrigerator.

Fast forward a few days, and I was at Lowe’s, getting some things for work, and happened to be in the magnet aisle and saw these heavy duty, magnet hooks, claiming to hold up to 9 pounds! Problem solved!

I cut the suction cups off the ends of the wire, put the wire through the hooks, and it’s has been hanging ever since!

I rotate things on and off the refrigerator, but these are a few of my favorites:

The program from our wedding

A fun picture from a friend’s wedding and family

Fun cards (this photo was taken before the suction cups died)

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Cute! This post confirms my need to clear the clutter of my own fridge….:)

  2. I had some printable magnets (they go through a standard printer) and so I made a grid of my favorite album covers from iTunes about 2″ wide each and cut them out.

  3. Hi, what kind of clips did you use to hold the pics? Are they difficult to find?   

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