DIY duvet cover

When all else fails, make it!

by laura.johnson

quick & easy DIY duvet cover

After months of hunting online, waiting for sales, and begging for new bedding lines, I eventually decided they might not make what I’m looking for. So I hit the fabric stores looking for patterns that would be large and dramatic enough for my tastes but not scare off my husband. I learned that upholstery fabric is generally 54″ wide, not wide enough for an entire duvet or bedspread but large enough to look nice with a complementary fabric on either side.

quick & easy DIY duvet cover

I found tons of fabric that made my heart sing with joy but few that I thought Cody would be comfortable with, so I ended up with this bold and beautiful Moroccan print from JoAnn’s.  It’s bold, it’s fun, what can I say it’s ‘Laura’. For the complementing fabric I knew I needed to find something a bit more masculine, a bit more ‘Cody’. I went with a relaxed gray linen, because seriously, nothing is more manly and comfortable than a simply stated linen.  As for the back, I went the economical route; a flat sheet in red courtesy of Walmart.

Now getting it all put together was another story. I have allowed myself to think ‘sure I can sew,’ but the reality is, I can sew with my grandmother nearby, telling me what a great job I’m doing. But, alas, she now lives 10 hours away, so I needed to rely on ‘a little help from my friends.’ I spent three days at Teagan’s house (it should have taken 2 hours) ironing, pinning, ripping out mistake hems, antagonizing, cutting, and laying on the floor just short of tears, trying to figure out how to make 6 yards of fabric and a sheet into a beautiful duvet.

When the going got tough Teagan would encourage me to focus on the most important part of a sewing project; lay the whole thing out on the floor and look at all the pretty fabric, it helped, a lot. Save yourself the angst and be much smarter that I am. Follow the directions, there are tons of great tutorials out there like here & here or you can even do it the cheater way like they did.

Like most DIY projects reveling in the glory of your finished product is totally worth the painstaking moments. Often after snuggling in for the night Cody will turn to me and say, ‘I really like our duvet, you did such a great job.’ Yep totally worth it.

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  1. You DID do a beautiful job! It’s the perfect blend of feminine and masculine.

  2. The fabric is really lovely. :) I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

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