When Style Trumps Comfort

by Andrea Cooley

A few months ago I had a weak moment while perusing the clearance section of WestElm.com and added two sparkly pillow covers to my cart and promptly hit "buy" before I I had time to reconsider.

I'd been admiring sparkles and sequins on blogs and in fashion for months and decided it was time to infuse a little glam into our living room! Of course I didn't ask Adam what he thought. Honestly, I didn't even think he'd notice.

Boy was I wrong!

As soon as he sat in the chair, he let me know what he thought.

He hated them. (he's not one to mince words).

He claimed the sequins reached out and pinched him.

I find that hard to believe.

His first solution was to get rid of the pillows. I told him that wasn't an option!

We reached a compromise. The pillows stay, but when he sits in the chair, he turns them around so the sparkles can't grab him.

So far the pillows are still on the chair, but I have noticed that he's been sitting on the couch more!

Maybe they aren't as cozy and soft as some of the other pillows in the room, but sometimes you just need some sparkle!

Has anyone else compromised comfort for style recently? Doesn't every women do this when they wear heals?

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Andrea Cooley

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