A love letter to our house

by Andrea Cooley

Sometimes I get so busy thinking about what my next project will be that I forget how much I love our house, just the way it is. Anyone else feel this way? We've lived here for 3 years (can you believe it!?) and we've done our fair share of painting, decorating, and gardening. Of course my list of future projects is endless! There's the guest room that I want to paint, curtains to sew, and more pictures to hang, but even if those projects never get finished, I still love our house!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd write a little love letter to our 1939 Beaverdale brick.

Dear house,
As I sit in the living room, enjoying how the afternoon sun fills the room with warmth and light, I can't help but fall in love with you all over again. I overlook your flaws (low water pressure, bad wiring, and creeky stairs) and love all your unique quirks!

Let's start with the front door. It was the first thing that attracted me to you. After years of apartment and condo-living with countless doors to open to get "home" I love being able to so easily open the door to welcome friends and family.

I also love how solid you are. Maybe we should polish you, but after 70+ years I think you still look great!


I love hanging wreaths on you for every season. But I think my favorite thing about you is your little window!

DSC_0586When you step inside, I love your arches (and hope to paint them soon!) When you walk in the front door you can see all the way to the back of the house.


Your hardware is amazing! Glass door knobs? Yes, please!

DSC_0580Now that we have a baby, I especially appreciate that your doors are solid wood. We need all the sound-proofing we can get during nap time! And your bronze door knobs aren't bad either!DSC_0586Then there's your mantel. Oh sweet mantel, how I love to decorate you! Your warm wood tones and chiseled columns are my favorite.

DSC_0581Now, for your quirks. You have this cute little nook in the hallway that is adorable.

DSC_0576I love giving you flowers.

yellow bathroom tile with grey wallsThe yellow tile in your bathroom is one of my favorite things. Especially with the grey walls!

There are lots of other things I love about you, like the garden in your backyard, the front step, the big closet and bathroom in the master bedroom, and the sunny addition off the kitchen. Thank you for being such a wonderful home!

Love, andrea

Adam and I may not agree about everything when it comes to decorating (I'll never see a need for a recliner in the living room) but we do agree that we love living in an older neighborhood in the city. The suburbs aren't for us!

What do you love most about your house?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. What a nice love letter to your house, those arches sure are lovely! 

    I adore my house as well, a older home (1909), it's eves are wonderful, but my favorite thing is probably the porch, where we get to enjoy our neighborhood and refreshing summer breezes. 

  2. I love your house, too! It is so cozy without feeling cluttered and the colors and patterns put a modern twist on older bones.

    Needless to say, I love the eyebrow windows that Give our home curbside personality, but our built-ins might be my favorite!

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