Window Box Refresh

by Andrea Cooley

Remember how excited I was about my pansies that I planted in our window box in April? Well, they haven’t been loving the hot, humid, dry weather we’ve been having.

They’re done for the summer!

Last year I put mums in the window box for fall, but it’s a little early for mums, and I don’t think they’d fare any better than the pansies in this heat.

I headed to Earl May with $6 worth of “fun money.” I got it in April and May when I bought my plants but you can’t spend it ’til July. Somehow I didn’t lose it in the last 3 months and was excited to see what I could get! I asked what they would recommend for a shady window box and they showed my Coleus, which is really pretty, but kind of pricey for an annual, especially at the end of the season.

Maybe the sales guy could tell I wasn’t sold, or maybe he was just desperate to get rid of his begonias, but he told me he had just the thing for me. He proceeded to show me this huge vat of dragon wing begonias for $5! Seriously? With my fun money they were free! So, I headed home with 10 plants (and a pot of cilantro, I couldn’t leave without spending anything, right?).

I only used 6 in the window boxes, so if anyone wants 4 free dragon wing begonias, let me know!

It’s a definite improvement over the wilted pansies, but I’m not sure if I’d get them for the window box again. We’ll see how they look in a few weeks!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Unfortunately, pansies like cold so they don’t do very well past June. I recommend Super Bells for window boxes. Lots of blooms and they spill over and look all pretty :) Verbena might do ok as well!

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