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Winter Blooms: Paperwhites

by laura.johnson

Here in the Midwest it’s been months since we’ve seen that lush color of green grass, or of leaves budding from the trees. sigh And the reality is that it will be months before we get the first hints of spring. A few years ago I started ‘forcing’ paper white (narcissus) bulbs mid January to give myself a little vacation for this winter wonderland. That first peak of green is so refreshing and helps to off set the staleness of mid winter.

While most spring bulbs can be forced to grow indoors paper whites are by far some of the easiest. They don’t require a long cold period, they’ll grow in soil, a bed of gravel or water, not to mention the flowers will last for weeks and smell delightful!

*Update: So far I’m just enjoying their sweet green tips but in just a few weeks they will be if full bloom. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on their progress.

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  1. Word to the wise, when those first blades of green grass start showing don’t shriek in excitement while your husband is driving.

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